Preventing and treating depression in women and girls worldwide

Webinar flyer image Community on Women and NCDs impact of depression women and girls

The Community on Women and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is facilitated by The George Institute for Global Health and WHO’s Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs, which hosts the community on its Knowledge Action Portal.

The Community’s third webinar, ‘Preventing and treating depression and women and girls’ will take place shortly after World Mental Health Day and will present the case for increased services for women and girls affected by depression, and analyse the implications across the life course. The webinar will profile three interventions that have shown great promise in helping women and girls access affordable, high-quality care in low-income communities globally.  

Speakers will include: Grace Gatera, Lancet Youth Commission on Mental Health; Kari Frame, Program Director, StrongMinds (Uganda, Zambia); and Pallab Maulik, SMART Mental Health Programme (India). The moderator will be Dr Rochelle Burgess, Deputy Director, Centre for Global Non-Communicable Diseases, University College London.