Evidence2Policy lecture by Prof Ian Jacobs, Vice Chancellor, UNSW Sydney

The George Institute for Global Health, India, is hosting a lecture delivered by Prof Ian Jacobs, Vice-Chancellor, UNSW Sydney as part of its first Anual Evidence2Policy lecture series on 10th December 2018 at New Delhi.

Prof Jacobs will speak on “The evidence base and case for action in screening and prevention for ovarian and cervical cancers”. Specializing in the surgical treatment of women’s cancers, Prof Jacobs has for the last 30 years led a research team working on early detection and risk prediction of cancer with a particular focus on screening for ovarian cancer.

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 In 2005 he established the Uganda Women’s Health Initiative, which conducts a series of projects in Uganda including a cervical cancer screening programme.

Prof Jacob’s lecture will focus on his three-decade-long programme of ovarian cancer screening research, the gap between evidence and global action in cervical cancer screening and potential for UNSW Sydney and The George Institute to work together with partners in India on this topic.

Following the lecture, there will be a panel discussion on “Women’s cancers: A Public Health Agenda”. The panel is expected to discuss the following topics.

  • Screening efforts for the common cancers as part of the national programme
  • How women are disproportionally affected by cancers that are common to both men and women, for example, gender differences for gallbladder, lung and oral cancers
  • Linkages between screening initiatives and treatment options
  • Training and capacity building of health workers in cancer screening – the learnings from the NICPR ECHO program and the potential to scale it up.

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