Seminar: Evidence-based Primary Health Care Systems for Attaining and Sustaining Universal Health Coverage

evidence based PHC seminar

About the seminar

Comprehensive and holistic primary health care (PHC) system is an ally in the achievement of universal health coverage (UHC) and sustainable development goals (SDGs).  

PHC is a broad concept within the realms of public health which has immense potential to alleviate not only the financial distress on individuals but also for governments in pursuit of efficient strategies for better health care and outcomes. It addresses the most significant determinants of health, focusing on person-centric rather than disease-centric approaches. India was one of the first countries to endorse comprehensive PHC in the first national health policy of 1983. The subsequent policies of 2002, 2017 shifted their focus from selective PHC, to the present health policy – Ayushman Bharat 2018 which enshrines the concept of ‘comprehensive approach for the well-being of communities’.   

There is an increasing need for policymakers and implementing agencies to understand what works; and for academia to create robust evidence in alignment with the policymakers’ needs.

Evidence-based primary healthcare policies ensure resiliency, which is vital to improving quality of life, efficient use of resources, and equitably meeting population health needs, especially for those living in remote locations. 

This policy event hosted by The George Institute for Global Health, India which also hosts the Secretariat of the Primary Health Care Research Consortium (PHCRC) will see discussion on the need for using local and contextual evidence for strengthening primary health care to attain and sustain universal health coverage in India. Importantly, it will highlight the importance of political stewardship in creating equitable, resilient, and comprehensive PHC systems.


  • Prof Robert Mash

    Chair, Primary Care and Family Medicine Network (Primafamed), Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Dr Rajeev Sadanandan

    CEO, Health Systems Transformation Platform

  • Dr Neha Dumka

    Senior Consultant, NHSRC

  • Prof Sanjiv Kumar

    Chairman and Managing Trustee, Three Domain Health Leadership Foundation

  • Dr Shilpa Karvande

    Research officer, FRCH

  • Dr Krishna Reddy Nallamalla

    Regional Director, ACCESS Health Int

  • Prof Indranil Mukhopadhyay

    Professor, OP Jindal Global University

  • Prof Arnab Mukherji

    Faculty, Indian Institute of Management, Bangaluru

  • Dr Josyula K Lakshmi

    Senior Research Fellow, The George Institute for Global Health, India

  • Moderator: Dr Praveen D

    Program Director, Better Care India The George Institute for Global Health, India