Educational webinar: Overcoming barriers to wider use of SGLT2 inhibitor use


Strong evidence exists to demonstrate the benefit of SGLT2 inhibitor use for indications beyond diabetes management, including kidney disease and heart failure, however the uptake to use SGLT2 inhibitors more widely has been slow.

This educational webinar seeks to improve understanding of the evidence and demonstrate how SGLT2 inhibitors can be used using a range of examples, based on your input about what current knowledge gaps are. In the registration you can provide your areas of interest/concern in order for us to tailor the webinar content accordingly. We will present identified areas of interest as patient cases to enable more comprehensive understanding of application.


  • Prof Hiddo Heerspink, DAPA-CKD Trial Steering Committee Co-Chair

    Prof Hiddo
  • Prof Vlado Perkovic, CREDENCE Trial Steering Committee Chair and Member

  • Dr Clare Arnott, Cardiologist and Head of Heart failure Program at The George Institute

    Dr Clare Arnott
  • Dr Brendon Neuen, Postgraduate Scholar, The George Institute for Global Health