Disruptive social entrepreneurship - thought leadership

How can we develop more efficient solutions to global health care challenges?

How can we harness disruptive social entrepreneurship to make those solutions affordable and accessible to those who need them?

To maximise the impact of our world class research, we are putting the concept of disruptive social entrepreneurship into action. We are focused on finding novel and scalable solutions to address the biggest causes of disease and disability worldwide: non communicable diseases and injury.

The George Institute has for many years been operating a growing number of commercial entities with differing but related missions. We see disruptive social entrepreneurship and the private sector as key to improving access to and quality of health care, regardless of a person’s economic situation or where they live.

From innovative clinical management services, to developing novel, high-quality drug treatments and digital clinical intelligence systems, to improving patient treatments in emerging markets, we are driving impact through game-changing social entrepreneurship.

Our solutions

Our Solution
  • Bringing innovative and more affordable health solutions to emerging markets through George Health (GH). GH leverages the Institute’s research insights to create commercially-viable and scalable product lines and businesses.

  • Continually improving the cycle from innovation to commercialisation by supporting our researchers in identifying opportunities and developing their ideas.

  • Supporting innovation with global competitions and our accelerator program, Health 10x, delivered in partnership with UNSW Sydney.

  • Growing our disruptive social entrepreneurship thought leadership program to foster knowledge sharing.

Our strategy

Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of people through better treatmentsbetter care, and healthier societies. Through a program of researchadvocacy/thought leadership, and disruptive social entrepreneurship, we are driving global impact.

Our strategy