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INTEGRITY - Intergenerational trial aimed at improving outcomes for older adults and children

The INTErGenerational intervention to Reduce fraIlTY trial

About this study

Intergenerational programs that bring pre-school children and older adults together in an active way show promise in delivering benefits to both the children and older adults. The aim of this study is to see whether intergenerational programs can improve health benefits for older adults and developmental skills for young children.

Can you help?

If you are an older adult aged 65 years or older and living independently, we have an exciting opportunity for you to participate in a 20-week program that brings pre-schoolers and other older adults from the community together in a fun way!

Participation is 2 hours each week for 20-weeks. You will participate in an intergenerational program at a local participating pre-school. Contact us to check if there is a participating pre-school near you. Before your participation, we’ll ask you to complete some assessments to check that you’re eligible for the study. You will also fill in a consent form and have to apply for a FREE working with children check (if you don’t already have one).


You are making a very important contribution in this study to help us understand the potential benefits of intergenerational programs and how to maximise these benefits for older adults’ health and the developmental skills of children in the future.

If you would like to see a video of the program that took place at one of our pilot sites, St Nic’s Christian Preschool (Coogee), and hear about the previous participants’ experiences of participating in our program, please click here.


If you would like to register your interest or receive more information, please fill in the 'Find out more' form on the right-hand side of this page. Alternatively, please contact the Integrity trial team at 8052 4337.

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