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He’s published over 80 articles, and presented world-first research findings in more than a dozen countries. He has led numerous research projects, analysis and clinical trials and treated hundreds of patients, but Professor Vlado Perkovic is set to take the biggest step in his career, as the newly announced Executive Director of The George Institute Australia.

Many people would be shocked to know that children are being injured in cars at an alarming rate.

At least one third of people aged 65 and older fall at least once per year. As someone who enjoys the company of older people and is passionate about exercise, Cathie believes for an ageing population, physical activity is the key.

Stroke occurs abruptly and often with devastating consequences. In a new study, The George Institute Director, Professor Craig Anderson, and his colleagues found that an uncommon but particularly devastating form of stroke affecting younger people has no links to stress – contrary to common perception.

The George targets disadvantaged populations around the world where access to basic health services may be restricted. The Institute is engaged in a number of programs working with Indigenous Australians that will have a positive, sustainable and measurable impact.