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Bridging the Gaps in Maternal Heart Health during pregnancy

Cardiovascular complications, including those in women who enter pregnancy with existing heart disease and/or hypertension, and women who develop new cardiovascular complications during or after pregnancy, are responsible for a large number of maternal deaths around the world. Detection of people at risk of CVD before, during, and after pregnancy is essential, along with multidisciplinary care during pregnancy and after delivery from obstetric and cardiology care providers.  However, how to translate this into practice is less clear.

The George Institute for Global Health India hosted a webinar to discuss the findings of the scoping review on cardiovascular diseases in pregnancy and solutions to move forward and overcome implementation barriers. This webinar was attended by the members of the 'Taskforce on Women and Non-Communicabe Diseases (NCD), members and key stakeholders from international NGOs, development partners, patients’ groups, international professional bodies, civil society, and the Ministry of Health representatives.


  • To disseminate findings of scoping review on guidelines/policies on CVD in pregnancy with key stakeholders of Women and NCD Taskforce 
  • To deliberate on guidelines and policies, which may relate to CVD in pregnancy, identify gaps in the policy ecosystem, and discuss solutions for addressing such gaps.  
  • Identify barriers in the implementation of the guidelines and prescribed/mandated processes such as drug prescription practices, screening, and risk assessment.