Phillantropic Opportunities

Philanthropic Opportunities

The George Institute for Global Health is improving the lives of millions of people worldwide through innovative health research. Our work focuses on clinical trials and health services delivery. We aim to reach scale with patients within a five year time frame. For donors, this means you can experience real social impact in your lifetime.

Philanthropy plays an important role in health research. It can take the risks that government can’t and corporates won’t. It often provides the crucial seed funding to run pilot projects and demonstrate ‘proof of concept’. Initial results from pilot projects can then be leveraged to secure large-scale funding from governments and institutional investors.  

Millions more need our help

The George Institute is already improving the lives of millions of people around the world. But many more still need help. Your gift is important. It enables us to improve the way healthcare is delivered, nurture the brightest minds in health research, and focus on the vulnerable populations who need us most.

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