Sex and gender equity

When it comes to our health the story isn't balanced. But it should be. We are committed to achieving health equity through our sex and gender initiatives. 

We consider how sex and gender influence health and medical research because it is sound science and promotes the health of everyone.

Discover how The George Institute is leading efforts to close the sex and gender health gap in a video by our Founding Director, Prof Robyn Norton, and a blog from our Chair in Global Women’s Health, Prof Jane Hirst.

The George Institute's Sex and Gender Initiatives

What is the sex and gender health gap and how can we close it?

Health isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our sex and gender equity initiatives aim to close the gender health gap for a fairer future. This gap reflects disadvantages experienced by women and sex and gender diverse people across the globe in terms of their access to treatment and care, differences in disease risk, diagnosis and treatment, and health outcomes compared to men.  

Closing the gender health gap will benefit health systems, economies and, ultimately, achieve equity – with more of us living longer, healthier lives. 

Discover how we are finding solutions by diving into our research, news and evidence highlights below. 

Get involved

Everyone deserves a healthier future. Do you want to be part of the solution? Here is how you can get involved with our sex and gender equity initiatives:

Our sex and gender equity thought leaders

Get to know our sex and gender researchers working for clear answers and solutions to the sex and gender health gap:

Women’s Health Program

Our sex and gender equity initiatives are a core component of The George Institute’s Women’s Health Program which adopts a life-course approach to addressing women’s health.