Australia to promote stronger education and research connections with India

Australia’s High Commissioner to India, Patrick Suckling, has appointed 24 successful Indian alumni of the Australia Awards Scholarships as Ambassadors and Mentors for the prestigious program.

“Australia wants to attract the best and the brightest through the Australia Awards scholarships, which promote stronger education and research connections with India,” Mr Suckling said.

“These 24 distinguished alumni have made an invaluable contribution both at home and overseas. We want to capitalise on their knowledge and experience to promote the benefits of the Australia Award scholarships to other Indian applicants.”

The 15 Australia Awards Ambassadors will raise the visibility of the scholarships through presentations at top research and higher education institutions across India, while nine ‘Australia Awards Mentors’ will offer advice to new Australia Awardees on studying and living in Australia.

“This elite network of leaders in India will encourage a new generation of high-performing Indian students to broaden their experience through an education scholarship in Australia,” Mr Suckling said.

One of the Ambassadors, Dr Rama K Guggilla, of the George Institute for Global Health-India, said receiving an Australia Award had given him a chance to develop his cutting edge research on cardio-metabolic diseases, and how to best treat hypertension in India.

“The Australia Award gave me an invaluable opportunity to complete my Masters of Medicine, and to begin my research with the assistance of world class facilities and colleagues,” Dr Guggilla said.

“I’m now doing vital research in India which will help doctors here to devise more effective treatments for hypertension, and reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes people suffer.”

The Australia Awards Scholarships are awarded by the Australian Government to high-achieving students, researchers and professionals from around the world each year to study in Australia’s world-class education institutions or undertake a professional development program. A total of 573 Australia Award scholarships have been offered to high-calibre Indian students and executives since 2007.

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