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The first reaction of many people with back pain is to visit their local family physician or general practitioner (GP). While GPs see a lot of people with back pain, they also see an enormous range of other health conditions so staying up to date with each condition is a big challenge. What is more, the latest guidelines for treating each condition can be time consuming to navigate for time-poor GPs.

A two day meeting was held at the Beijing office of The George Institute for Global Health at Peking University Health Science Center to review the study protocol of "A school-based education programme to reduce salt intake in children and their families".

Diseases that dominate the 21st century need a 21st century approach in the way we design and conduct clinical trials. To meet this need, George Clinical is primarily focused on large-scale studies with high-impact outcomes, particularly where smaller pre-registration trials need to be expanded to larger populations.

Having confidence that proven treatments will work in 'the real world' is a high priority for healthcare organisations, especially in low and middle-income countries where there is a large burden of chronic disease.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has recently completed their review of the Seed Grant applications. Decision letters of the winning trainees are released and distributed by Westat.

With a population of 85.8 million, Vietnam is one of the most populous countries in the world, but the cost of healthcare is crippling. Our focus is on changing policy and making healthcare affordable and accessible - a basic human right. Ha Nguyen is a PhD student working with The George Institute for Global Health and based in Vietnam. Every day, injuries claim almost 100 lives and cause hundreds of thousands of hospital admissions.

The Sleep Apnea and CardioVascular Endpoints (SAVE) Study, the largest trial of its kind, has reached a critical milestone recruiting its 2000th participant, with only 500 more participants needed to complete the study.

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The role of the processed food, tobacco and alcohol industries in tackling lifestyle diseases comes under scrutiny today in a paper published in the Lancet.

The complexities of chronic kidney disease, which affects a billion people, has occupied researchers at The George Institute for a decade. Our work holds not only the hope of better treatment, but also new ways of working together to achieve breakthroughs and drive big, lasting change.

My five year old grandson started school last Monday with all the other new kids from all backgrounds in this great country we call Australia. He was a few months old on the day Kevin Rudd, as Prime Minister, delivered his speech to parliament on 13 February 2008 and gave the long-awaited national apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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The salt content of ready-to-eat meals has not changed in the past four years despite global voluntary targets to reduce salt content in food and the surge in the number of such products on supermarket shelves, a new study by The George Institute for Global Health has found.