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Imperfect vision not only makes daily living a challenge but considerably affects an individual’s quality of life, in particular their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

This is intensified for patients living in developing countries, where the impact of low vision can be catastrophic due to the inability to work coupled with little or no health insurance and social support.

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The George Institute for Global Health, recently ranked number one globally for scientific impact, has announced the appointment of two new members, Ms Gina Anderson and Mr Will Delaat, to the Board.

At 34, Praveen has already achieved many things in his medical career - leading community based trials in chronic disease, working in the field of HIV/AIDS and STI for a Gates Foundation project and currently working on a new project to help address type 2 diabetes in women in India - but according to Praveen, by far his biggest achievement will come to fruition in early 2012.

Road injury is a leading cause of fatal and severe injury for Aboriginal Australians. To better understand why this is, The George Institute has developed a program of work with a team of collaborators focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander road safety.

He’s published over 80 articles, and presented world-first research findings in more than a dozen countries. He has led numerous research projects, analysis and clinical trials and treated hundreds of patients, but Professor Vlado Perkovic is set to take the biggest step in his career, as the newly announced Executive Director of The George Institute Australia.

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Principal Directors of The George Institute for Global Health, Professor Stephen MacMahon and Professor Robyn Norton, today announced the appointment of Associate Professor Vlado Perkovic as Executive Director of The George Institute in Australia.

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An Australian research project being conducted in remote north-western Australia will provide world-first data to help address the long-term effects of alcohol misuse during pregnancy.

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A revolutionary iPhone app launched today will empower Australian shoppers to make healthier food choicesand reduce their risk of dying early from two of the nation’s biggest killers - heart attack and stroke.

As the world’s population ages, the impact from a million simple stumbles or broken bones will become substantial, and has forced falls prevention to become a public health priority. One-third of people aged 65 years and older will fall once or more in a year, and the impact can be significant.

China has now overtaken India as the country with the most people living with diabetes. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the disease affects one in 10 adults in China, and costs around US$26 billion a year in treating the condition.