The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

Theme 3: Evidence synthesis

Individual studies often lack the power to detect clinically meaningful and important effects and associations, with high fidelity and precision. This theme focuses on pooling together all available evidence, through systematic reviews and meta-analyses, to detect important effects and associations overall and in subgroups. The meta-analyses conducted in this theme can be broadly categorized into those focused on randomized evidence and those focused on observational evidence.

Our work with randomized evidence includes leading the Blood Pressure Lowering Treatment Trialists’ Collaboration. This individual patient data meta-analysis aims to pool together all available data from large blood pressure lowering trials, allowing sufficient power to look at the effects of blood pressure lowering in very specific subgroups (e.g. by BMI or by history of cardiovascular disease). We also conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses of tabular (published) data.

For our work with observational evidence, we aim to pool together studies to reliably identify associations, including novel pathways, between exposures (e.g. high blood pressure or a disease) and outcomes. This is often conducted concordantly with our health informatics analyses.