The George Institute For Global Health
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Profile stories

George Clinical was formed in the early days of The George Institute, with a view to it playing a critical role in providing financial resources for the Institute to expand and strengthen its impact globally, as former CEO Dr Marisa Petersen explains.

Health economics is now a key part of The George Institute's work. Professor Stephen Jan explains how its importance and impact has evolved over the years.

Just as a lack of trained doctors can cost lives, a shortage of researchers can also mean opportunities to save them are lost. That’s why building an international research workforce is a top priority, says Peter Dolnik.

20 years of saving lives

Working with The George Institute for 20 years, critical care physician Professor Simon Finfer has led transformational studies into intensive care to reduce mortality and shed light on one of the world’s most serious silent killers – sepsis.

20 years of building capacity

One of the key challenges to improving health care in low- and middle-income countries is strengthening the local healthcare workforce, says Associate Professor Rohina Joshi.

20 years of driving growth

Peter Burrows AO is one of the lesser known heroes of The George Institute. Without his passion for medical research and financial acumen, the Institute might never have been established.

20 years of improving mental health

Originally trained as an epidemiologist, Professor Maree Hackett joined the Institute in 2005, completing her PhD soon after in a field that would remain her focus to this day – the effect of chronic diseases on mental health.

20 years of improving critical care

The George Institute's different approach to critical care research has not only saved countless lives, but also been highly cost-effective, says intensive care specialist and researcher Professor John Myburgh AO.

20 years of partnerships

Thanks to the foresight of the Institute’s founders, researchers like Professor David Peiris can today draw on a vast global network to help overcome some of the toughest health challenges at home – and overseas.

Prof. Norbert Berend

One of The George Institute’s greatest global contributions to health care has been reducing the cost of treatments, according to Professor Norbert Berend.