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What is fast becoming the Google of the physiotherapy world, PEDro is one of the most used online resources by physiotherapists. Housing over 21,000 reviews, trials and guidelines, PEDro (the Physiotherapy Evidence Database) averages one search every thirteen seconds, and quickly provides the best research evidence to physiotherapists across the world. “PEDro offers the most complete catalogue of highquality research to guide clinical practice.

For the increasing number of individuals living with chronic diseases, the cost of treatment and ongoing management is forcing many into economic hardship and poverty. In turn, financial stress promotes poor health, which exacerbates healthcare costs … and so the cycle of poverty and illness begins.

In Australia, cyclists represent almost 15% of all road casualties. To help address this, the injury prevention team at The George set out to identify the factors associated with bicycle crashes in different environments and to investigate the type and severity of injuries associated with the clothing worn.

Around 2.6 million young people die each year - mainly due to preventable causes such as road injury. However, a much greater number suffer from a range of health issues that impede their chance of vital growth and development. The impact of sick adolescents is in fact massive, as the next generation holds the key to addressing poverty, and harnessing social development.

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New road safety research has confirmed the value of exclusive, regulated cycle lanes to reduce crashes and injuries among cyclists. The study, conducted by The George Institute for Global Health, raises doubt of the safety of cycling on shared paths and pedestrian areas.

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Friday the 16th March is World Sleep Day and researchers at The George Institute for Global Health are calling for a greater focus on the importance of healthy sleeping and the link between cardiovascular disease and sleep issues.

The Honourable Helen Sham-Ho shares many values with The George Institute. With a passion for education, healthcare and social justice, Helen has been extensively awarded and recognised for her continuous contribution to the community.

Helen was a member of the NSW Legislative Council for 15 years and is celebrated as the first Chinese born Parliamentarian in Australia. A qualified Social Worker and a practising solicitor, prior to Helen’s election to Parliament, she served as Commissioner of the then NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission.

Imperfect vision not only makes daily living a challenge but considerably affects an individual’s quality of life, in particular their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

This is intensified for patients living in developing countries, where the impact of low vision can be catastrophic due to the inability to work coupled with little or no health insurance and social support.

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The George Institute for Global Health, recently ranked number one globally for scientific impact, has announced the appointment of two new members, Ms Gina Anderson and Mr Will Delaat, to the Board.

At 34, Praveen has already achieved many things in his medical career - leading community based trials in chronic disease, working in the field of HIV/AIDS and STI for a Gates Foundation project and currently working on a new project to help address type 2 diabetes in women in India - but according to Praveen, by far his biggest achievement will come to fruition in early 2012.