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SYDNEY, AUG 29 - An Australian-developed mobile app supported system that helps health systems identify and better manage people at high risk of cardiovascular disease has been shown to improve the use of appropriate medications and lower blood pressure in rural Indonesian communities.

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The George Institute for Global Health has been awarded $3.5 million from the GACD NHMRC Research Grants to tackle diabetes and hypertension.

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On August 25 2019, the 5th ‘Salt Substitute and Stroke Study (SSaSS)’ annual meeting was held in Dalian. Over 60 investigators participated in the meeting to review progress of the trial and share experiences and insights.

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Women and children, particularly girls, face a vicious cycle of exclusion from civil registration, according to a new report by the Centre of Excellence for CRVS. Lack of birth registration leaves children vulnerable throughout their lives as they don’t have evidence of basic identification information such as name or age.

On Thursday the 22th of August 2019, The George Institute for Global Health community came together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of John Yu Oration & Medal.

This year the honour was awarded to our Chief Scientist and Vice Principal Director, Professor Anushka Patel.

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healthiest foods

It turns out that British food isn’t that terrible, after all. A global survey has found that when it comes to having the healthiest packaged foods and drinks, the UK tops the charts, with the USA in 2nd place and Australia coming in at 3rd.

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First-of-its kind three day workshop on rapid evidence synthesis being held in Delhi from Aug 19 to 21. 

Examples of evidence gap map visualisations from the project ‘identifying research gaps: Leptospirosis in India'

You may have heard of evidence gap maps – they have been used in health, social and environmental research for a while now. But, let’s be honest, is it possible some of us glaze over when hearing the words ‘evidence’, ‘gap’ and ‘map’ linked together?

A community health worker in Haryana, India working with community members, using digital technology to screen for and assist in management of diabetes

Authored by Dr Rajani Ved, Distinguished Fellow, Thought leadership program, The George Institute


This article is written by Dr Kenneth Yakubu and was first published on the BMJ Global Health and is reproduced here with their kind permission.