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Kristina McDaid

As Executive Assistant to The George Institute co-founder Robyn Norton for the last 19 years, Kristina McDaid has had a unique perspective on the growth of the organisation.

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NEW DELHI, Nov 7. The George Institute for Global Health in India (TGI)  and the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) have joined hands to promote public health research in India and to build the capacity of budding researchers to do cutting-edge research in the area. The partnership is focussed on addressing real-world health challenges through development and testing of innovative solutions that bridge the gap between research and policy.

For co-founder and Principal Director Professor Stephen MacMahon AO, The George Institute has always been about finding affordable, scalable solutions for the world’s biggest health problems. 

Prof. Robyn Norton

The George Institute has sought to be at the forefront of addressing the global burden of non-communicable diseases and injuries for the last 20 years, says co-founder and Principal Director Professor Robyn Norton AO.

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SUVA, OCT 31 - His Excellency, the President of Fiji, Major-General (Ret'd) Jioji Konrote, today launched the FoodSwitch Fiji app, a mobile based application, that allows phones to scan barcodes on food products and provide easy to understand nutrition information and suggestions for healthier alternatives. 

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SYDNEY, OCT 30 - A device that minimises bed sores by automatically monitoring and turning bedridden patients; a portable, ultra-efficient microscope for the rapid detection of communicable diseases; and an affordable device to save the lives of people with heart failure – these and other innovative health solutions will be showcased to investors today at the Powerhouse Museum.

Dr Candice Delcourt is a Senior Research Fellow at The George Insititue for Global Health, leads neurology program at The George Insitute and a clinical neurologist. 

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 14:00 to 17:30

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