UK initiative receives funding from James Martin 21st Century School

The George Institute has received funding from the esteemed James Martin 21st Century School. This funding will support the development of the Centre for Global Healthcare Innovation to be based in the UK.

The new research centre, to be launched in late 2010, will develop innovative affordable global strategies for chronic and complex disease management. Three key academic programs are planned:

  • Essential healthcare for disadvantaged populations
  • Affordable healthcare technologies
  • Global health policy and financing

The James Martin 21st Century School is known for its support of formulating new concepts, policies and technologies that will make the future a better place.

Dr Martin said: ‘The James Martin 21st Century School has demonstrated it can identify the most serious dangers and opportunities of our future. Some great people from across the planet have been attracted to the School’s vision and this will lead to inspired thinking. The researchers will explore issues like global poverty, the impact of climate change and the need to find sustainable energy sources. They will also push the frontiers in innovative health and computer technologies, and study ways of preventing future economic crashes. Together we are funding solutions that will really make a difference.’