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Postgraduate study

The George Institute is committed to developing the next generation of health researchers to discover new ways to identify, treat and prevent chronic disease.

Why Study with Us?

  • We're a world leading health research institute
  • Structured postgraduate program consisting of in-house research seminars, developing students methodological, statistical and research skills
  • Supervisors with expertise in heart and vascular diseases, neurological conditions, renal and metabolic conditions, critical illness and intensive care, musculoskeletal conditions, injury and epidemiology
  • Access to world class researchers, who are willing to provide their expertise, knowledge, advice and guidance
  • We have links with global academic institutions, including:
    University of NSW, Australia
    Peking University, China
    University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • We support you in publishing in leading research journals
  • Opportunities to present and obtain feedback on your research internally and externally
  • Potential for clinical and academic collaborations, as well as collaborations within other research fields within the Institute
  • 98% completion rate, with students who study with the Institute obtaining their doctorates
  • Collegial and stimulating environment
  • Dedicated support for scholarship and funding applications

Student Testimonials

Anna Palagyi

Since her PhD: Research Fellow (Health Systems), The George Institute for Global Health

Key Achievements: Awarded NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship

"I can’t imagine a more supportive environment in which to undertake your PhD than that provided by The George Institute for Global Health. TGI’s approachable and generous senior-level academics ensured that I was given the individual support I needed to grow my academic skills and effectively progress my research. The unique multidisciplinary nature of the institute provided invaluable opportunities for PhD candidates to immerse themselves in a diverse range of public health research fields and methodologies.


TGI opened the door to valuable networking opportunities that enabled me to promote my own research, engage with leading international researchers, and develop and grow external collaborations.”

Blake Angell

Since his PhD: Research Fellow (Health Economics), The George Institute for Global Health

Key Achievements: Aileen Plant Publication Award from Sydney School of Public Health

“The George provides a unique environment to carry out a PhD in a highly supportive, high-achieving and social research environment. The Institute offers the opportunity to conduct high-impact and policy-relevant global research with a network of leading researchers both in Australia and our offices around the world.”

Caroline Lukaszyk

Since her PhD: Research Fellow, Injury Division and the Global Women’s Health Program, The George Institute

Key Achievements: Awarded the Cross-Cultural Public Health Research Award for her work with Aboriginal communities, voted within the ‘Top 36 women of global downing prevention’ at the 6th World Conference on Drowning Prevention.

“Completing my PhD while in a team of passionate academic leaders introduced me to a variety of opportunities and research networks. The ongoing support provided at TGI and the collaborative research environment encourages innovative and meaningful research.”

Lizzy Dunford

Since her PhD: Research Fellow, Food Policy, The George Institute

Key Achievements: Awarded the Young Investigator Award at the 12th International Congress on Obesity, a nomination for the Sustainia100 awards for her project on FoodSwitch

“I appreciate the passion and dedication that academic staff at TGI have for their work and the encouragement that my supervisors provide me on a daily basis.”

Min Jun

Since his PhD: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary, Canada

Key Achievements: Awarded NHMRC Early Career Fellowships Grant,  Alberta Innovates Health Solution (AIHS) Postgraduate Fellowship and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Fellowship, Published in the Lancet

“In addition to their [supervisory] support, it was the collaborative environment at the Institute that made my PhD journey much less stressful. I was able to work with experts in not only nephrology, but also biostatistics, epidemiology, and other specialities of medicine. This unique multidisciplinary nature of the Institute, which spans across so many different fields, is what distinguishes the Institute from others. This also creates great opportunities for networking, both on a national and international level, resulting in valuable collaborations and opening up future opportunities, which are particularly important for early career researchers.”     

Amanda Hall

Since her PhD: Postdoctoral Fellow, The University College, Dublin, Clinical Research Scientist, Public Health Canada, and now Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The George Institute UK

Key Achievements: Awarded Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Fellowship

“The highlight of being a student at the Institute was being a part of an amazing group with a strong reputation for quality and research excellence.”

Beverley Essue

Since her PhD: Research Fellow, The George Insitute Australia

Key Achievements: Awarded Ian Potter Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship & NHMRC Sidney Sax Early Career Research Fellowship

“TGI provides a very supportive and collegial environment. There were several other PhD students around the office who were completing a PhD at the same time as me and they provided incredible academic (and social!) support and assistance throughout.


Being based at the GI also provided invaluable access to senior level academics at the forefront of clinical and public health research. The GI also offered weekly seminars and training workshops which provided exposure to different areas of research and the opportunity to acquire new skills and ensured ongoing professional development.”

Anushka Patel

Since her PhD: Senior Research Fellow, The George Institute (2001), Head, Cardiac Program (2005), Executive Director, George Institute India (2008), now, Chief Scientist, George Institute

Achievements: University of Sydney’s Peter Bancroft Prize, named The(Sydney)magazine's top 100 most influential people (2011), part of the team awarded the Excellence Award from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHRMC)

“The range of skills among potential supervisors at GI provide a very unique opportunity for developing skills in multiple areas and receiving high quality formal supervision along with more informal mentoring.”

Interested in studying with us?

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