Advocacy and thought leadership

The George Institute is focused on effective advocacy and thought leadership to improve health, aligned to our research goals.

We are engaging with key stakeholders, sharing insights and fostering discussions to stimulate debate, guide critical health policy decisions and facilitate evidence-based change.

By working with some of the world’s leading health voices we are amplifying our work in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and injury and improving systems for prevention and treatment.

Advocacy for better health

The George Institute is engaging with national, regional and multilateral stakeholders to increase the impact of our research on policy and practice, and ensure our work has real benefits for those most vulnerable to chronic diseases, injuries and inequity.

We are focused on country-driven, evidence-based, cost-effective interventions that drive change locally and globally, and being a voice for many millions of people who don’t have access to basic healthcare.  

Our advocacy priorities are building momentum to address NCDs and injury, supporting a life-course approach to women’s health and universal health coverage.

Thought leadership - ideas and impact

Thought Leadership

How can we think differently about health? How do we end preventable illnesses? How do we improve the lives of millions of people worldwide?

These are among the questions driving our global health policy Thought Leadership program, established to complement our research.  

We are challenging the status quo, fostering conversations and driving analyses that lead to better health outcomes. Aligned with the George Institute’s strategy, this program has five focus areas.


Our strategy

Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of people through better treatmentsbetter care, and healthier societies. Through a program of research, advocacy/thought leadership, and disruptive social entrepreneurship, we are driving global impact.