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Single Pill to Avert Cardiovascular Events (SPACE)

Project status: 

SPACE is a collaboration of studies assessing the role of a single combination pill (or ‘polypill’) in people who have had a heart attack, stroke or other reason to be at risk of cardiovascular disease.

The polypill is a single tablet containing four different medicines: a cholesterol lowering medication, two blood pressure lowering medications and aspirin. These medicines are recommended long-term for the large majority of people who have had a heart attack or stroke. But currently most people do not benefit from these medicines long-term.

The aim of each trial is to see whether the polypill can provide worthwhile improvements in long-term treatment rates. The aim of the international collaboration of trials is to test this new therapy in different settings, as cardiovascular disease is now a leading cause of death in most countries globally.

Three trials, the Use of a multidrug pill in reducing cardiovascular events (UMPIRE), the Kanyini-GAP study and the Improving adherence using combination therapy (IMPACT) will contribute their results to the first round of overall meta-analysis of all the trials’ results which will occur late 2013 with results expected early 2014.

The UMPIRE trial recruited 2004 patients, has  completed data analysis and is awaiting publication of results.

The Kanyini-GAP trial recruited 623 patients and has also completed data analysis and is awaiting publication of results.

The IMPACT trial recruited 513 patients and has just completed final patient visits. Results are expected late 2013.

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