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Framing Women’s Health Issues in 21st Century India

Does the Indian healthcare system treat women's health issues and women's healthcare in a fair and just manner? And what can we do to make sure that it can first recognize the needs, and then develop effective and sustainable programs to remove barriers towards the achievement of optimal health for Indian women?

Download the Framing Women’s Health Issues in 21st Century India policy report (PDF)

To initiate a policy discussion on various aspects of women’s health, the George Institute for Global Health with support from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) organized a women’s health roundtable on March 15 at the India Habitat Centre. The aim was to collect the views of various stakeholders that can help document gender disparities in awareness, access and quality of care and finding biological, social, cultural and health system related explanations for these disparities.

The George Institute along with the Indian Council of Medical Research is planning another roundtable on “The Future of Women’s Health: Using Data and Research to shape women’s Health Policy and Program”