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As mobile technology is experiencing fast development in China, mobile information and communication technology has been playing an even more important role in healthcare industry and shows its great ability in supporting the implementation of clinical research.

India can learn from the experience of Australia and reduce the number of fatalities on its roads by following a safe systems approach and by ensuring the principle of shared responsibility and commitment towards vision zero.

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>One in eight children born in 2002 or 2003 and living in remote Fitzroy Valley communities in Western Australia have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a landmark study has found.

Can mobile technology be scaled up to offer improved care for people suffering from cardiovascular disease and hypertension? 

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One of the largest studies on basal insulin in China, the ORBIT Study, announced its main results in Beijing. The study explored current practice in the use of basal insulin therapy for type II diabetes in China.

How long have you been working at The George Institute/George Clinical? 2½ years

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Today, fewer people are dying from pneumonia and diarrheal diseases in India, according to a new, comprehensive analysis of trend data from 188 countries. 


It is with much sadness that we mark the passing away last week of Professor Wang Hai Yan, a member of our external Research and Development Advisory Committee (RADAC).

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The Australian health system could save millions of dollars a year using a multi-pill that combines heart, stroke, blood pressure and cholesterol medications, researchers have found.

There is need for developing strategies targeted at young individuals to prevent incidents of premature mortality, says a new study by the George Institute for Global Health, India.