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Experts say more action is needed to reduce worldwide salt consumption after new research by The George Institute for Global Health found many countries are not meeting targets.

"I have always enjoyed working with older people. While I was studying occupational therapy at university, I worked at a large retirement village. Being 18 years of age, it was like having 92 grandparents!"

An Australian delegation has gone to Hyderabad, India for trade mission talks with Indian officials and business leaders, accompanied by Chief Operating Officer of The George Institute for Global Health, Tim Regan.

Researchers “optimistic” this finding is an important clue toward ultimately preventing childhood cancer.

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We must move beyond the din and noise of such news involving celebrities and address the real issues, says the George Institute for Global Health.  


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New research has found a gluten-free diet may not be the healthier food choice that many people think it is, with only obvious benefits to people with Coeliac disease.

Research Nurse Moira Allison has extensive experience as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in heart failure and arrhythmia management, and is currently working on the SUPPORT-HF Study.

This week is International Men’s Health Week and it’s a great opportunity for individuals and families to reflect on the state of men’s health in their local community. 

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Since 1990, diabetes and other musculoskeletal disorders have replaced diarrheal diseases and vision problems as leading causes of years lived with disability, or YLDs, for women; falls now rank higher for men.

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Tobacco will contribute to 8 million deaths worldwide by 2030 if smoking isn’t quickly cut back says the World Health Organisation.