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Program Head, Diabetes Research

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The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health is an internationally-recognised health research organisation, undertaking high impact research across a broad health landscape. Affiliated with the Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC), as well as other leading universities in Australia and the UK, the Institute is a leader in the clinical trials, health policy and capacity-building areas. The Institute was established in 1999 and has a global network of top medical experts in a range of research fields as well as expertise in research design, project management and data and statistical analysis. With a respected voice among global policy makers, the Institute has attracted significant funding support from governments, philanthropic organisations and corporations. George Institute research is regularly published in the top tier of academic journals internationally.

Our mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. We will achieve this by:

  •  Providing the best evidence to guide critical health decisions
  •  Engaging with decision makers to enact real change
  •  Targeting global epidemics, particularly of chronic diseases and injury
  •  Focusing on vulnerable populations in both rich and poor countries

In achieving that mission, we are committed to ensuring the integration of good business practices throughout all our operations

The Institute has grown rapidly since its inception, and currently employs approximately 250 staff at its headquarters in Sydney. The George Institute also has offices in India, China and the UK at which an additional 100 staff are employed. Research is currently conducted at around 300 collaborating centres in approximately 50 countries worldwide.
The George Institute, China was established in April 2004. The George Institute, China aims to promote the adoption of evidence-based approaches to improve health outcomes in China. This includes initiating and supporting policy development to ensure that clinical and population-based health research is effectively translated into practice. The George Institute, China is a leading organisation in international health policy and practice in China.
The George Institute is made up of several divisions and programs that oversee numerous large-scale international and regional projects funded by a diverse range of sponsors, both public and private. The research portfolio of the institute includes randomized trials of new treatment and prevention strategies, surveys, and observational studies of the causes and outcomes of disease and injury. For more information about the Institute, visit
The George Institute is dedicated to the recruitment, development, and retention of the best people from around the world. The pursuit of academic, scientific and operational excellence in a “can do” culture is actively promoted in all our activities.



Diabetes Research (DR) is a newly erected section in GIC.  The Head of DR has key role in leading and supporting the development and implementation of high quality projects / initiatives in diabetes in China.  As a team member, he/she will participate in all phases of project development, providing advice on concept development, project management structures, logistics, capacity development activities, potential funding sources, media relations, and strategies for the dissemination of research findings to facilitate uptake into practice.  Studies cover the areas of epidemiology, prevention, health care and management, treatment and health economy on diabetes.

In collaboration with IDF (International Diabetes Federation) and CDS (Chinese Diabetes Society), several large-scale investigation projects have recently been launched to assess the incidence, care, treatment and cost of diabetes mellitus in China.  Hundreds of health care facilities are covered in these studies.  


The Role

The Program Head is required to develop and lead research at a national or international level in DR.  This research program will involve collaborations with people and organisations external to the GIC at national and international levels.


Reporting Relationships

The primary reporting path will be to the Executive Director of GIC. The Program Head will lead work with staff on a number of projects within the Program and other Programs within GIC.


Duties and Key Responsibilities

Key responsibilities include:

·    Provide high level oversight and contribution to all research activities of the DR Program.

·    Develop/maintain national and international links to support the Program’s activities.

·    Provide leadership, advice and support in projects, and exercise autonomy in relation to techniques, methods and procedures to achieve desired outcomes.

·    Actively develop and promote the desired culture of The George Institute by ensuring all interactions, documentation and communication are conducted in a manner which supports the stated mission.

·     Foster strategic research collaborations with other researchers on projects both within and external to The George Institute.

·     Contribute to teaching activities within and outside the Institute.

·     Directly write, and guide others in development of reports on analyses that are suitable for publication in high impact journals.

·    Attend regular meetings of established projects, where appropriate.

·    Lead grant writing and revenue raising for the development of new projects.

·    Ensure that research being conducted is congruent with world best practice.

·    Remain abreast of developments that are relevant to the Program and the Institute, providing a source of information to colleagues within the Institute.


As a Team Member:

·    Participate in team meetings and activities

·    Participate in objective setting, performance management, leading this process within the Program.

·    Be familiar with the George Institute Standard Operating Procedures that are applicable to all staff and to this role.

·    Participate in special projects to improve processes, tools, systems and organization.


Work, Health and Safety

·   Comply with WH&S legislation and operate in accordance with established WH&S practice and procedures at the George Institute

·   Promote and contribute to a safe, secure environment for staff and visitors



Skills, Knowledge and Experience

·    Doctoral degree in public health, medicine, economics, or related discipline

·    Experience in conducting high-quality research independently or in a team

·    Experience in generating external research funding

·    Substantial experience of the conduct of epidemiological and/or clinical research

·    Proven ability to work independently

·    Advanced written and verbal communication skills in both English and Chinese

·    Experience in management and supervision of post-graduate students

·    Strong problem solving, analytical skills, and strategic thinking

·    Strong leadership and mentoring skills

·    Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well and flexibly i.e. autonomously, in small teams and with a wide range of varying stakeholders

·    Ability to see the big picture, yet still focus on detail

·    Ability to be flexible and adaptable in the face of changing organisational priorities and ambiguous environments.

·    Strong focus on quality of work

To Apply  

Please send your CV in English and Chinses to with the subject of "Program Head, Diabetes Research Application" before December 31, 2018.